Shengwu Li

Assistant Professor of Economics, Harvard University

I study economic theory and behavioral economics, with a particular focus on the design of market institutions.

What's new?

The working paper on Credible Mechanisms now has techniques for continuum type spaces.

Thickness and Information in Dynamic Matching Markets is accepted at the Journal of Political Economy.

Obviously Strategy-Proof Mechanisms won the 2018 Exeter Prize.

Working Papers

Credible Mechanisms (with Mohammad Akbarpour)


Thickness and Information in Dynamic Matching Markets (with Mohammad Akbarpour and Shayan Oveis-Gharan)

Context-Dependent Choice as Explained by Foraging Theory (with Ning Yu)

Belief Updating and the Demand for Information (with Sandro Ambuehl)

Obviously Strategy-Proof Mechanisms

Obvious Ex Post Equilibrium

  • Papers and Proceedings of the American Economic Review, 2017

Ethics and Market Design